Meet your Therapist and Life Coach

Nice to meet you! I'm Mia Gardner, LCSW. I'm hoping we will get well acquainted soon so here's more about me. I am a young professional psychotherapist living just outside of Boston. Originally from New Jersey, I made my way up to Boston while pursuing my Masters degree in Social Work at Boston University after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Sacred Heart University.

I began by doing in-home family therapy, which I got my certificate in, and then moved on to outpatient therapy in schools, home based, and office based. I am now part of a small Private Practice Psychotherapy group called Life Enhancement Psychotherapy LLC located in Hanover Massachusetts. I love working with people in empowering them to shift their thinking, perceptions, building self-esteem, and achieving the lives they truly want for themselves.

After furthering my journey in the therapy realm, I learned about Life Coaching and added it to the services I provide. Why you ask? Because it is a great way to help people who are functioning but still need that extra support and guidance working towards reaching their full potential. Through this outlet, I work with people who know they deserve more and can have more but just aren't sure how or where to begin. 

Whether Therapy or Coaching is right for you, I am here for you. I am even here to help you decide which one is right for you!

You can also visit to get a better idea of the Therapy services through our Private Practice. 

If all of this wasn't enough, I could not leave out my passion for writing! Growing up, I always loved bed time and children's books. It was the only way I could get to sleep! With motivation from this, as well as my young clients, I have began writing and publishing children's books that spread messages of positive thinking, positive interactions, and self-esteem. I am so excited to have my first book and am also excited for the others that will follow!